Card Order (mail with payment)

Size of cards: 4 1/4 inch by 5 1/2 inch with white envelopes included.
Cost: $2.50 ea. plus $4.00 per order shipping.

   jenny's honeysuckle card
   bee polinating card
   elm and maple card
   balsam and maple card
   frosty pinecone card
   fungi on log card
   lilac cone card
   lilypad card
   pine in bloom card
   purple aster card
   spotted maple card
   spruce's first snow card
   sumac berry card
   yellow maple card
   dock time card
   grassy sedge card
   visiting dragonfly card

for office use:

Quantity _____
Total $_______
$4.00 for shipping
Grand total (tax included) $________

Print this out and mail with your payment (check) to:

Christine Hill
19956 199th Circle
Big Lake, MN 55309